Schüler mit "Daumen-Hoch"


Sarah Chabakji, Marie-Joelle Scholten-Reintjes and Matthias Ogiermann

School year 2016/2017


During the school year 2016/2017, we were the volunteers at the CERSOM. We taught the pupils of the college in English, German, Informatics and Physical Education, furthermore we assisted in the Primary School. We also founded a football Team.


In this year, we had the great chance to teach fantastic children and teens, to collaborate with competent collegues, to learn an impressive language, to get to know to the deafs world and to make many valuable experieces.

We want to thank all pupils and staff and we hope to see you again soon.

Lina Wöhlert und Judith Herbener

August 2015 - August 2016


We are Lina Wöhlert und Judith Herbener, volunteers of the "weltwärts"-program who worked at the CERSOM between 2015 and 2016. We taught English, German, Sports and IT-classes at COBICERSOM and worked at the secretary.

We had a really nice time in Bafoussam and had the chance to learn a lot at CERSOM. During our year we enjoyed the work with our pupils and collegues and hope to meet them again soon.

o Robert Opitz and Theresa Krauss

August 2014- August 2015


We are Robert Opitz and Theresa Krauss, the new volunteers of CERSOM. We are from Freiburg and Schorndorf in Germany. For one year we do a voluntary service by a program called "weltwärts".

Like the volunteers 2013-2014, we work everyday with different grades of CERSOM, we play games, tinker and we do sports.

In addition we are allowed to teach 2 pupils of the 4th grade of college.


We like CERSOM very much and we enjoy the work with the children greatly!


o Marie Kaiser and Jamila Sonntag 

August 2013 - August 2014


We are Marie Kaiser and Jamila Sonntag, at the moment volunteers at CERSOM. Our hometowns are Berlin and Hanover in Germany. We arrived in August 2013 and like our predecessors we are participating in the “weltwärts”-program to make a volunteer service in Bafoussam for one year. Every day we are working with different classes. We do a lot of sports, for example different ball and catch games. Besides we do a lot of painting and handicrafts to embellish the classrooms and the library.


We consider CERSOM to be a meaningful and sustainable project and are very impressed of the construction and development of the school. 

nice view on Bafoussam

o Teresa Geiger


Hi, my name is Teresa and I arrived in Bafoussam in September 2012. I come from the very south of Germany and live at the "Bodensee".

I am travelling with the German "weltwärts"-program, just like my predecessor Fabienne. During the next year, I will be working for CERSOM.

In school, I work with children of every age. We do a lot of sports, some handicrafts and as of late, we are using the ever growing library.


Apart from that, I'm mainly focusing on responding to the children and their interests to vary the lessons.

Some students are training acrobatics and are building a "wall" (acrobatic pyramid)

o Fabienne Schwartz


My name is Fabienne Schwartz. I was born and brought up in Heidelberg (Germany) and came to Bafoussam in September 2011 right after I finished school.

For one year, I am participating in the “weltwärts” program of the German government. I work for CERSOM as an assistant teacher being responsible for arts and sports, especially circus.

In Germany, I already finished my training in circus teaching.


The children have a lot of fun with it and are really talented!


Celine Guillot with a child in her arms

o Celine Guillot

October- November- December 2011


My name is Celine and I come from France. In the context of my studies in SPECIAL EDUCATION I spent two months with CERSOM.

This time with the children, the teachers, Mr. Innoncent Djonthe (director of the school) and his wife Marceline, Monique (the secretary) and my German friend Fabienne were a wonderful experience.



In my head and my heart they all have their own place- forever. This school really provides a valuable experience of life.


I admire all the people that helped and help to establish CERSOM- they have my deepest respect.