Schüler mit "Daumen-Hoch"

Current news

Preparation of the teacher's exchange

Every two years since 2007 there is a sponsoring event at the Freiherr-von-Schuetz-school in Bad Camberg, Hesse, Germany. The money collected there is and was donated to the partner school CERSOM in Bafoussam, Cameroon. This partnership has already contributed to financing a sports ground, several PCs for IT-classes as well as the construction of a cistern.


Since the beginning of this partnership there was always the idea of an exchange of both teachers from Bad Camberg and Bafoussam. Soon, from March, 24, to April, 07 2017, seven curious teachers and educators, both deaf and hearing, are coming to Bafoussam (including one educator from a school in Frankfurt/Main plus the husband of one of the teachers who are interested in the exchange as well).


A weekend in January was used to prepare the participating german teachers. The weekend was organized by Fabienne Schwartz, Judith Herbener and Ulrike Schulze, who are managing the whole exchange, too. In the beginning, the group learned some signs of the French sign language (LSF). The main focus of the whole weekend was the workshop “intercultural exchange and racism”. On Saturday, two external referees introduced the group to the (colonial) history of Cameroon. In the afternoon, they highlighted and helped identify everyday racism in pictures and language.


On Sunday the participants reflected on their knowledge of methods, abilities and experiences and how they could bring it into the exchange. So the project plan was made – including enough time for some trips to places of interest.


After all this time of preparing and planning the group is looking forward to the journey to Bafoussam even more: CERSOM, we’re coming!


Visit of American students


A group of students from the American "College of Charleston" visited CERSOM on March 10, 2017. The director showed them the school and the boarding school. The American students donated a lot of school material to the pupils and teachers. Our pupils were very happy about the bags filled with exercise books, pencils and letters from American pupils.


International women's day 2017


The 8th march is the international women’s day. Every female student of COBICERSOM and all female staff of COBICERSOM, CERSOM and the boarding school met in front of the townhall. We marched together with the women of the ministry of social affairs. Everyone wore beautiful skirts and dresses made of the 2017’s international women’s day fabric. After the march we had lunch together and enjoyed a great day.


End of school year 2014/2015

To celebrate the end of the school year 2014/2015 there was a big party at CERSOM. Students, teachers, parents and friends of CERSOM came to see the honoring of different students.

Even the inspector attended the ceremony and after this he was shown the new computers, the CERSOM could afford during the last year thanks to the help of a german deaf-school from Bad-Camberg.

The director, INNOCENT DJONTHE, delivered a speach. He talked about progress, but also about problems of the school.

In addition the kids presented a theatre, a new didactical method and were given their school certificates.

After this successful party we wish all students and collegues recreative holidays!


Thursday, May 14, 2015, 6 deaf children of the CERSOM received their baptism in the morning of this day and the feast of rejoicing continued within the boarding school in the presence of parents and their guests.

Visitation of Dr. Jen Dagron

This day of the 12.02.2015, the Dr. Jean DAGRON, head of unit of the health care for deaf in Marseille, France, has made visit to the Director of CERSOM. Discussed the health of deaf Cameroonians.

Feast of Youth from 11 february 2015 

The students of CERSOM and COBICERSOM participated with pleasure in this year‘s feast of youth. They were clothed in their new their new dress cup. Happy Holidays to all deaf youth!

Bean Harvest 2015

The 10th of january 2015 the director of CERSOM accompanied some elected pupils and the employees for the bean harvest to the field. The beans have been harvested and were decanted in sacks. Unfortunately the income was not satisfying in comparison to the last year and we hope that this small amount of food will be enough to satisfy the students during the second trimester.

Christmas at CERSOM

The 12th of december the parents, teachers and pupils met at CERSOM to celebrate together before the start of vacations. The children oft the maternelle presented a great program to the guests.  They had prepared a poem, a role play, a fashion parade and many other things. At the end of this successful day Santa Claus gave the pupils their presents. 

International day of handicapped persons (3. December 2014)

On occasion of the international day of handicapped persons the pupils of CERSOM took part in a football match among college and primary students of CERSOM. In addition some motorical handicapped persons played in the two teams of CERSOM. The match took place in the presence of the social regional delegatee.

Visitation by the delegatee of the West Region for education

The delegatee for education visited CERSOM and was received by Innocent Djonthe, the headmaster of the school. Furthermore he was presented the staff and the children welcomed him with flowers and the national anthem.

Mr. Djonthe guided the delgatee through the school and showed him the audiophonlogie center, the production of hearing devices and the recording of audiograms. To demonstrate her work, Marceline Djonthe made an audiogram of the delegatee.  

Volunteers - Tinker Project Christmas Cards


It's Christmas time! The deaf children are busy tinkering Christmas cards with the two volunteers from Germany. The cards are going to be sold. The returns are going to CERSOM to buy school materials and other things which are urgently required!

Birthday of a Pupil

The 29th of october the birthday of Maeva, a pupil of the third grade, was celebrated. She and her parents have celebrated together with Maevas classmates, her teacher and other teachers of the school.

 Happy Birthday MAEVA!

Visit of a Former CERSOM-Student


Thierry Fezeu Joel, a former CERSOM-student, has visited his former school the 28th of october to thank his previous teachers and the director for his schooldays and for what he has accomplished because of CERSOM: He is the head of a big backery enterprise in Kyeossi.

Thanks for your visit Thierry!

Appeal of Deaf Children

The appeal of this young, deaf children was collected in three different villages of the west region during the last weeks.

1er texte: Nous avons besoins des parrains.

1st text: We need godparents.


2ème texte: nous voulons bien manger à l’internat.

2nd text: We want good food in the residential school.


3ème texte: nous voulons aussi aller à l’école.

3rd text: We want to attend school, too.


4ème texte: Nous avons un grand besoin de matériels didactiques.

4th text: We really need school materials.

School Year 2014/2015

Once again many new and old students have arrived for the start of school. We are all proud of being back in school again after three months of holiday. All employees are present. One week after the start of school (8. september) we could resume class in all grades, which can also be seen in the picture. Moreover class could begin in the 6th, 5th and 4th grade of COBICERSOM. In addition we increased the usage of progressive materials. Unfortunately there is still a lack of means and of school materials to be able to accept new students who apply for a place! You can sponsor a child to give it a chance in life!


August 2014


Harvest of corn with the deaf pupils and some employees of CERSOM: It was a bountiful harvest this season and we hope we can nourish the children well with it this year. But we still need something to eat with the corn. Furthermore CERSOM has welcomed two new volunteers: Theresa Krauss and Robert Opitz, who will stay with us for one year!


June 2014


Me Talla Émile and Anne Marie Kenmoe were chosen by the Director of CERSOM to take part in a seminar for the education of the method RED STAR in South Africa. That is a method which improve the education of deaf persons in the sphere of writing, French, mathematics, independence and don’t forgot the disciplines of the religion. The seminar took place in a space of time for four weeks in May/ June. 

The baptism of students of CERSOM, May 2014


On Thursday the 29th May 2014 was the baptism of eight students: Boris, Joel, Gaetan, Pavel, Vivien, Steve, Estelle and Ivanesse. The mass began at eight o’clock. The pastor prayed and the choir sang. After that the pastor baptized all the eight students. In the end a celebration with all the students, parents and teachers took place in the boarding school. 

Final ceremony of CERSOM 2014


On Wednesday the 28th May 2014 the final ceremony of CERSOM took place to celebrate the end of the school year 2013/2014.  There were many people: the parents of the students and friends. The ceremony began at eleven o’clock; the students danced, sang and played theatre. After that the president of the parenthood and Innocent Djonthe (the director of CERSOM) made a speech. In the End all the present persons had a dinner together.  It was a wonderful ceremony! 



 National holiday in Cameroun, May 2014


On Tuesday the 20th May 2014 was the national holiday of Cameroun. All students and teachers of CERSOM went to town in order to march in the presence of the governor. After the march we went into a bar and the students received some bread with fish and juice to drink. Together we celebrated all day long.    



A deaf-blind in CERSOM!


On Tuesday the 18th March CERSOM received a new schoolboy. Junoir PIPO (8 years old) is deaf by birth and became blind with three month, in aftereffect of a poor medical treatment for conjunctivitis. CERSOM put him up with open arms despite the missing techniques for this handicap. With the advice of the new arrived French, who support the teachers in questions of pedagogic, we began to work with Junior to get him used to the new living situation.


 Your advice, your help and other demand are welcome to integrate Junior in the society. Lend him a hand! 

March 2014


The two young French Guillaume (deaf) and Tyfaine(hearing) arrived in Bafoussam and rest for three month. They give advices to the teachers of CERSOM in different sectors like the pedagogic or the french sign language. 

February 2014


News from CERSOM. Since September 2014 a new college opened their gates with two classes: the Form 1 and Form 2. Now the students can stay in CERSOM until their final examinations. This school year 2013/2014 nine students are visiting the college of CERSOM.

The Youth Day (11.2.2014)


The 11th February 2014 was the Youth Day. Every year at this day a big celebration of the youth takes place in Cameroun. All students of Bafoussam march in front of the governor to present their school. CERSOM was the second school behind the blind and partially sighted students. After the march all teachers and students went into a bar to continue the celebration of the Youth Day. gallery



January 2014



After a nice celebration of Christmas and relaxing holidays the second trimester started the 6.1.2014. The pupil arrived from home to begin the next period of school. Like every trimester the students have to pay the school fees when they arrive. Not every family has the possibility to pay the school fees in form of money. In that case they are allowed to pay it in form of groceries for the boarding school, which replace the school fees. One student arrived for example with herbaceous plants of plantains and bags of other groceries. 

The Celebration of Christmas 2013


The annual celebration of Christmas took place the 20.12.2013, the last day before the holidays. We, the present volunteers Marie and Jamila, as well as Lucie-Nadine, the teacher of the first class, were responsible for decoration. In the morning of the 20.12. we decorated the area outside where the celebration took place. At 10.00 a clock the celebration began with an introducing speech of the pedagogical head Anne-Marie and the headmaster Innocent Djonthe. After that the children of the first class presented different things, like their new acquired knowledge in calculation, writing and sign language. Furthermore a fashion show, little games and a final dance. At the end all students received their certificatesand a disguised Santa Claus gave little presents to the children of the first class. The celebration was a good result and a nice closing of the first trimester.  gallery

Work in the Fields, December 2013


CERSOM owns two big fields in a village beside Bafoussam. They were cultivated to support the boarding school with groceries. Twice a year the fields are cultivated, once with maize the other time with red beans. The responsible womenof the boarding school, Marie-Chantal, Martine and Jeanette, as well as the there living students take care of the cultivation and the harvest of the fields.

We, the present volunteers Marie and Jamila, already helped twice while the harvest of the fields. The first time we reaped maize. We thought of a field like you can find in Germany, with the maize in neat rows. You go from one shrub to another and pick some cobs. However as we arrived we found a primeval forest we had to fight our way through for searching the cobs. The work was hard and exhausting, but also a little bit of fun and it was good to do some manual work.


The second time we reaped red beans. While this work you have to go stooping through the field all the time to collect the bean pods. Later they were spread out on an awning and beaten with a cane until all the beans have left there pods. Then the beans were poured from one bucket in another until all the dirt and the remaining cobs are carried away by the wind. After seven hours of work with fifteen people we not yet finished the whole field. gallery 

The new volunteers, August 2013


We are Marie Kaiser and Jamila Sonntag, at the moment volunteers at CERSOM. Our hometowns are Berlin and Hanover in Germany. We arrived in August 2013, and like our predecessors we are participating in the “weltwärts”-program to make a volunteer service in Bafoussam for one year. Every day, we are working with different classes. We do a lot of sports, for example different ball and catch games. Besides, we do a lot of painting and handicrafts to embellish the classrooms and the library.


We consider CERSOM to be a meaningful and sustainable project and are very impressed by the construction and development of the school. 

April 2013

Innocent Djonthe has been traveling to Europe to tell about his school and spread awareness for the deaf. He has been visiting schools, universities and different associations in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and for the first time also in Denmark. You can find some pictures of his stay in Denmark here.