Schüler mit "Daumen-Hoch"

The school's financing

- Expense and income


Expense of the Center per month


  • Boarding School
    • Medical care of the boarders
    • Two to three meals a day
    • Clothes, soap and toilet paper for the boarders
    • Staff (Nightguard, cooks and educators)
  • School
    • Staff (Teachers, secretary and audiophonology)
    • Didactic material (chalk, exercise books, pencils, paper)
  • Other
    • Expenses for the field (temporary work power, work material, seeds)
    • Costs of water and electricity for the Center

The income is in contrast very little, because many parents are not able to afford the school fee. School for handicaped children are generelly not supported by the Cameroonian gouvernement.

The gap between income and expenses must be filled by donations. That is why the donators from every part of the world are so important for the Center.


children sitting at a table during study break

The income in contrary is very low. The school fee of all children together makes monthly about 1500€ in total. There are many parents who refuse to pay the fee or just simply can’t effort it.


A school for mentally or physically handicapped children is not supported by the government.


CERSOM tries to earn a bit more money by selling chicken and pigs from their own breed. On top of that they collect money from supporters all over the world. The demonstrated situation shows why the school is so much dependent on international interest and support.


The backyard