Schüler mit "Daumen-Hoch"


Uncommitted donations for CERSOM are primarily used to cover the current costs of the school (see The school’s financing for details). If that happens to be covered for the month, the following projects will be supported/begun/continued:


 - The CERSOM urgently needs new furniture!

Since CERSOM has not enough furniture, future donations will not only be used for the already planned projects, but will also be invested in new tables and chairs for the school and new beds and big tables for the boarding school.

- Drive way

To tar the school’s driveway is a pestering request for CERSOM. Due to a lack of money it hasn’t been done yet.

Strong rain makes the way impassable and the children often hurt themselves when getting on or of the bus.

 - Piggery and chicken rearing



In 2011 CERSOM bought pigs and chicken for a piggery and a chicken rearing, to earn some money for the food in the boarding school. In 2012 unfortunately all these animals died because of a plague. Now the school wants to restart this project to raise the incomes. But at the moment we have not yet the money for the restart. 

- Field


The school owns a field and cultivates staple food. This is important in order to get more independent from the market and aridity.

The children help on the field if their schedule allows them to do so. Unfortunately most of the field lies fallow because the school doesn’t have money to buy seeds or pay workers.


- Coat of paint


Another project for the future lies ahead: The coat paint of the boarding school. Today the walls are dark and gray spreading an atmosphere of despair. And this is, where the children live everyday… all you need is some money for the coat!