Schüler mit "Daumen-Hoch"

Volunteer Projects in CERSOM

Theatre Club


We, Marie and Jamila (volunteers 2013/ 2014), found a theatre club with some students of CERSOM. During three month we worked together with eleven students. We started with small exercises that the pupils get trust into the group. After that the pupils developed some small scenes themselves. After two month we started to rehearse a play which we presented on the graduation ceremony of CERSOM in May 2014. The play was called “Pinocchio”: a small puppet of wood that experiences a lot of adventures. The presentation was a great success!  Gallery


During my voluntary service from September 2011 to September 2012 I organized a circus project with the pupils of CERSOM. We trained with donated material: Juggling, unicycle-riding, diabolo, flowerstick and acrobatics. The pupils showed their newly learned abilities at the graduation ceremony to parents, teachers and the other pupils.
During the summer holidays about 30 children and youth could participate at a holiday camp lasting one week. At the end of this training, they did a great show for their parents and the staff of the boarding school.
The children and teenagers always trained with a lot of enthusiasm and their skills advanced rapidly during one year. The materials can still be used by teachers and volunteers for the work with the pupils.  Gallery